Crawler Cranes

SANY offers a well-defined program of lattice boom crawler cranes.
When developing the devices a special emphasis was placed on optimizing the transport dimensions and weights.
The self-assembly feature for quick and easy assembly and dismantling, as well as the optimized lift capacities over the entire working area, ensure that the work can be carried out efficiently and cost-effectively with the cranes.
The SANY- crane control system - with its large display for load moment limitation and the crane operation information ensures that the driver has at any time all the necessary information to operate the crane safely.



Max. Lifting Capacity 60 t
Main Boom
52 m
Fixed Jib 15,25 m
Luffing Jib 28 m
Rated Engine Power 127 kW

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Max. Lifting Capacity 90 t
Main Boom 61 m
Fixed Jib 18 m
Luffing Jib 31 m
Rated Engine Power 242 kW

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Max. Lifting Capacity 100 t
Main Boom 67 m
Fixed Jib 18 m
Rated Engine Power 183 kW

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Max. Lifting Capacity 200 t
Main Boom 86 m
Fixed Jib 31 m
Luffing Jib 51 m
Rated Engine Power 242 kW

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Max. Lifting Capacity 300 t
Main Boom 92 m
Fixed Jib 42 m
Luffing Jib 66 m
Rated Engine Power298 kW

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