In the area of earth moving, SANY offers a range of hydraulic crawler excavators for Europe, the portfolio is being expanded continuously. Medium sized excavators and mini excavators are available. SANY excavators have a proven track record in the most robust working environments and rank among the top 3 brands within China since several years. The machines are built to work efficiently and reliably in tough and demanding jobsites. The structural parts are manufactured by SANY and we use only proven suppliers for our hydraulics, electronics and engines. The design of our excavators is focused on ease of operation and maintenance. All service points are easily accessible and the cabin provides highest comfort and ergonomics to their operator.


Engine Isuzu AU-4LE2X
Power 40.5 kW/2000 rpm
Operating Weight 7.280 kg
Ground Pressure 33 kPa
Bucket Capacity 0.4 m3

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Engine Isuzu AJ-4JJ1X
Power 73 kW /2000 rpm
Operating Weight 13,800 kg
Ground Pressure 41.7 kPa
Bucket Capacity 0.53 m3

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Engine Isuzu AM-4HK1X
Power 128 kW /2000 rpm
Operating weight 22200 kg
Ground pressure 47 kPa
Bucket capacity 0.93 m3

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Engine Isuzu AL-4HK1X
Power 140 kW /2000 rpm
Operating Weight 25,300 kg
Ground Pressure 30.4 kPa
Bucket Capacity 1.12 m3

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Engine Isuzu AL-6HK1X
Power 210 kW /1900 rpm
Operating Weight 35,500 kg
Ground Pressure 49.2 kPa
Bucket Capacity 1.5 m3

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