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Crawler Cranes


Powered by a  high performance, fuel efficient and low emission 6-cylinder turbo charged Cummins Diesel Engine: with  127kW  @  2000 RPM, Displacement:  6,7 Liter.on crane provides versatility and productivity.
The Crane is designed and tested according European crane standards.

The performance of the hydraulic system is much higher than the average in this class.
Load Sensing and limit load regulation ensure smooth and stabile operation.
The Electronic controlled positive flow system reduces the start and cut off striking of the winches. A high-quality hydraulic valve block ensures high availability and long service life.

Main winch and aux. winch have the same performance and features, and both can be equipped with Freefall-Function (optional)
Due to an advanced design of the upper frame structure, the customer can configer both hoisting winches according to his needs, - with or without Freefall function.

The crane can be operated with main boom, fixed jib and luffing jib. Its progressive design, the short assembly times guarantee the crane can also be used in densely built urban areas beneficial and possibly replace a tower crane.
The electrical system has for all sensors and their connections protection class IP67.  Intelligent slewing angle limiter (optional) and / or radius-range-limiter (optional) make it easier to working in tight job sites.
For transport, the crawler tracks can be retracted, then the crane can drive itself on the transport trolley.




Unit Parameter
Max. Lifting Capacity t 60
Main Boom m 52
Fixed Jib m 15,25
Max. Fixed Jib Combination m58,25
Luffing Jib m28
Max. Luffing Jib Combination m68,3
Rated Engine Power kW127
Single Line Pull Winch 1 kN36,3
Single Line Pull Winch 2 kN36,3
Ballast Counter Weight t18

Main features

  • Designed acc. European Standards & Regulations
  • CE-Conformity
  • Cummins Diesel Engine
  • Load sensing Hydraulic
  • with limit Load regulation, HUSCO Hydraulic System
  • Main and Aux. Hoisting Winch available with freefall (optional)
  • Electronic Control System incl. monitoring and diagnostic, Electric System IP67
  • Big universal Display for LMI & Crane Operation information
  • Configuration:

    • Main boom
    • Fixed jib
    • Luffing Jib
    • Retractable crawler tracks for easy transportation